​Sunnyside Strings

Groups and schedule
Group schedule 2019-20   Changes likely!! 
All group classes are at St Mark's By-The-Lake Church unless otherwise specified.
Nov 2 NO GROUP LESSONS,   SAO conference in Guelph, student day 

Nov 9, 30  all groups at Evangel Church, Forest Glade
Dec 7
Dec 14: piano rehearsals for Ms Michèle and Mr Penny students.
Dec 15, solo recitals, Paulin Memorial Church, 6 pm and 7:30 pm.

Lists subject to adjustments, 2019-20 groups below.  

Beethoven                 Vivaldi                       Tchaikovsky             Mendelssohn                 Paganini Ensemble                     Kreisler
10:00                           10:00                        11:00-12:30               11:00-12:30                        12:30-2:30                             2:30-4:00

Adeia                          Caroline                   Angela                      Alies                              Aiden             Miriam                    Cassidy    
​Davis                           Chloe                       Anjali                        Carys                            Amy              Olivia                       Duff
Gray                            Cole                         Eesha                       Caydon                         Athavan         Pieter                      Isla
Madison                      Daniel Z                   Evan D                     Celeste                          Avery             Ruth                        Julia                
                                   Emily                        Fynn                         Ellie F                            Daniel W        Ryan                       Kasra
​                                   Griffin                       Irene                         Ellie O                                                  Van                      
​                                   Judah                       Jackie                       Emma                           Iain                 William                    Maximus                                                                    Jude                         Micaela                     Keziah                          Jenna                                             Nate            
​                                   Sophie                      Minyan                      Lauren                         Jessica                                           Rebecca
                                   Victor B                     Norah                       Louise                          Jonathan                                        Ruby                                                                       Xander                      Sadie                        Minyang                       Kasey                                            
                                                                                                      Grady                           Logan                                        
                                                                     Victor H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Kreisler group:  The classes will include some reading this year.   Please bring music stand to group each time.